Mr. Spock Masculine?

When Gene Roddenberry created the TV series Star Trek, the suits at NBC had some advice: “Lose the Martian.”

Very interesting read. The late 60’s were a turbulent time here in the U.S. and you could see that played out in social interaction on shows of that time. One such show was Star Trek. A fascinating article over at NPR digs into the character of Spock from that series.

Star Trek Quiz

1. Which actress has starred as a major character and the computer voice in nearly every television series and all the movies? She is also considered the Grand Dame of Star Trek.

a) Grace Lee Whitney
b) Majel Barrett Roddenberry
c) BarBara Luna
d) Denise Crosby

If you know the answer to the above…then do I have a quiz for you. Some were tougher than I thought.

Gadgets Of The Future

The EyeMove PC combines the functionality of a digital projector and computer into one circular-shaped device. Simply hang it on your wall or place it flat on a desk and project games, movies, or applications. No word yet on on if this concept will go into production.

Just 1 item from the list of 10 Strangest Gadgets Of The Future.

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Sad Trooper

Had several people send me this today. I don’t know where it came from. But it sure pulled at my heart strings. Poor guy.

I’m just curious how he is drinking that booze…maybe that’s why he’s really sad.

Jedi Family Time

When I met Scott 12 years ago, he identified himself right away as a die-hard fan. “It’s sort of my thing,” he said, if not on the first date, then shortly thereafter. “I’m very into it.” He warned me, and I dated him anyway. I simply didn’t consider what “very into” meant.

Good read on how to deal with a family of Star Wars fans. Makes me feel sad that I don’t spend more quality time with my kids doing this sort of thing.

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Jedi Fishing Gear

the first wave of products that will be coming out, which will include a tackle box, a lightsaber-style fishing rod and reel combo, as well as a really cool fishing backpack and a Darth Vader net.

Hehe…a Darth Vader Net. That’s sure to put the fear into the fish.


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