George Lucas The New Hubbard?

May 25th marks the 31st anniversary of the movie megalith Star Wars. In three decades the franchise has spawned more than just massive revenues and legions of fans — it has also inspired a religion. Jediism, based on the teachings of the films, counts thousands of members worldwide.

Wow. There are more members of The Church Of Jediism in the UK than there are Scientologist in the UK.

May the force be with you.

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Interview With Darth Vader

I eventually went up to see him, he showed me a lot of conceptual drawings from Star Wars and then he said to me “Look, I’m doing this film which is like a space science fiction movie and I’d like to offer you one of two parts in the movie”. So I said “What are the two parts?”“Well, the first one is a character called Chewbacca…” and I said “What the hell is that?” He said it’s like a hairy gorilla who goes through the film on the side of the good ones. And I just said “No thanks, you keep it…”

I asked what the other part was and Lucas said “The other part’s the big villain of the film”. So I said “George, I’d like to play the villain!”

For reals!!