Not Scott Johnson

Too funny. Alright all you Diggers out there. I’m not Scott Johnson. Despite what the article at says I’m Brian Dunaway. Now I see how they could make that mistake because me and Scott do a lot of projects together.

You may want to head on over to and check out all the great stuff Scott is doing and if you want to see my current project check out A Guy In A Bush.

UPDATE: After much meditation on the subject (and a talk with my wife) I have decided I am not quite ready for deadlines. When will the comic be done you say. I say. When it is ready. Not to worry. I will keep you updated and will post a comic as often as it is feasible with my sanity. Peace and Chicken Grease.

I’m not quite done with the comic…don’t look so shocked. But here is a sneak peek…just for you.


10 thoughts on “Not Scott Johnson”

  1. Gasp!! [Looks shocked].

    I’m pumped, dude! Also, I’ll be honest: It was a cosmic coincidence that I happened upon this page. I used to check it out all of the time until your comic road away into the sunset, but if it’s back, so am I! fanSupport++;

  2. Take the heat off yourself, son.
    It’s done when it’s done.
    I’ll just wait over here. . .
    Are the archives accessible?

  3. I guess Ill wait patiently for the cool to happen.
    Waiting patiently is boring. Im going to go get some Doritos.
    Yall want anything while im out? Alright, back in 5.

  4. I’m loving the changes you’ve made to your style. Smaller body, larger head, and the chickens just rule. There’s more artistic design to the character’s face too, I’m liking it. You seem to starting to have some fun with your lines.
    I’m looking forward to more.

  5. Like a pair of jeans you haven’t worn since high school, we all know how you don’t just slide into ’em all willy-nilly. We’ll be around for all the grunts and groans of getting this going again. Take your time, but hurry up. 🙂

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