Weekly Schedule March 15-21

Get serious about my work since my birthday is Friday and is only a stark reminder that I ain’t getting any younger.

Watch movie for Film Sack
Draw Elephant Riding a Horse (or whatever people on twitter ask me to draw)

Draw and Post Guy In A Bush (please oh please)

Record Film Sack

Recording and editing Comics Coast To Coast

Throw myself a birthday party

Write Guy In A Bush

Draw Guy In A Bush
Post Comics Coast To Coast

4 thoughts on “Weekly Schedule March 15-21”

  1. Frank Lloyd Wright designed houses to “human scale” — meaning his own size. He was not a tall person. Almost all of his clients accepted that, but one (a Tall Texan, I believe) demanded that it be scaled up to fit him — and of course, FLW did just that.FLW also used to say that one of the architect’s most effective tools was a hammer; he used to go over the building site and knock down concrete (or whatever) that was in the wrong place or otherwise didn’t work.

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