Dark Side Poster (’bout time)

Finally. Some awesome posters for the Dark Side.


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Storm Troopin’

Doctor Beef is my hero over at flickr.

These make me want to go out and get some storm troopers to play with all day.

Storm Troopin’ – a set on Flickr

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Interview With Darth Vader

I eventually went up to see him, he showed me a lot of conceptual drawings from Star Wars and then he said to me “Look, I’m doing this film which is like a space science fiction movie and I’d like to offer you one of two parts in the movie”. So I said “What are the two parts?”“Well, the first one is a character called Chewbacca…” and I said “What the hell is that?” He said it’s like a hairy gorilla who goes through the film on the side of the good ones. And I just said “No thanks, you keep it…”

I asked what the other part was and Lucas said “The other part’s the big villain of the film”. So I said “George, I’d like to play the villain!”

For reals!!

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New Enterprise?

The new enterprise? maybe.