10 Hollywood Designers

Science fiction is all about creating strange and incredible worlds, whether they’re the future of Earth or a far-off planet. And the key to the most breathtaking science fictional worlds always starts with the work of production designers and concept artists who create brilliant and freaktastic worlds, like James Clyne’s concept art for Transformers, above. Or Warren Manser’s original art for Stanley Kubrick’s version of A.I.: Artificial Intelligence, below the fold. Here’s our roundup of the 10 designers whose work is exciting us the most right now — and whose forthcoming projects you should watch out for.

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I personally loved Church’s work on Episode II and Episode III. The behind the scenes stuff is the real reason to even own those movies. I was a little disappointed with the extras for Sith as they focused solely on the lava field duel, instead of the all around design process like the first two prequel discs did.

Definitely. Some of that original McQuarrie works seems strange to see now. A nearly all white Boba Fett, Storm Troopers with light sabers and giant medieval shields, and the concept for Chewie, and tons of others…talk about a different movie altogether if some of those things had panned out that way.

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