Day 11

The build up continues. I did some logo design for the site in photoshop. but I was not pleased with the results…will try again today. More SciFi Comic fun.

Day 10

Still ramping up to the new comics. Drawing everyday as often as I can. Starting to get there I believe. Today Andrew (my son) is 10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Day 9

I have some sketches I am dying to show you guys but my new stupid scanner is the suck. Maybe I’ll go to Kinkos and see what I can do…argh.

Day 8

Recorded ELR last night. Lots of fun. Scott and O are my good buddies. More comic goodness. I hope to start posting some sketches in the next day or so. So keep an eye out.

Day 7

Time to give some Trek Love.

Day 6

Classic SciFi comic fun for Saturday!! Wooot. Expect some more changes to the site later today. So if you hop on and things look freaky…so sorry. 🙂

Day 5

Having a wicked good time this week getting the site up and running again. Last night I didn’t get around to doing much to the site between Comics Coast To Coast (we interviewed David Reddick*) and hanging out with Scott Johnson ( after our Thursday night podcasting.

If you aren’t familiar with David Reddick you should be. He is the cartoonist behind The Trek Life and Rod & Barry among many other things.

I’m really digging his latest comic venture…Legend Of Bill

Day 4

Publishing more comics during the move. These are my selected favorites that I have been posting. I hope I have some time after Comics Coast To Coast tonight to work on the site some more. I have had several people send me some links to SciFi related topics that I would like to read and blog on also. Thanks All.

Moving The Site Day 3

Still working on the site. Need to work on setting up the site tonight. Installed photoshop on my mac mini so I could do some more design work. Maybe make a better logo. Writing comics in my head…I need to be writing them down.

Moving The Site Day 2

Well things are slowly shaping up around here. I realize the logo makes the site look like some kind of underwater comic…my bad…didn’t realize it until after I put it up…but I ain’t going to get bogged down with that.

I hope you enjoy the blogs and look forward to some new comics.

Brian D.