Guest Comic For Commissioned Comic

Recently O from Commissioned Comic asked me and Scott Johnson if we would like to give him a little well deserved rest by filling in with some guest comics. This was mine. If you don’t know, Me, O and Scott are all best of buds and talk at least once a week on Extralife Life Radio and have done so for around 4 years…wow.

I would like to thank O for letting me do this guest comic and kicking my butt back into gear.

Check back next Wednesday for an all new A Mission Deep comic. My current plan is to start back slowly with a once a week comic. If you would like to catch me before then check out the Comics Coast To Coast podcast.

Day 21

This is the 2nd part of my guest comic for Obsidian over at Commissioned Comic. I really enjoyed stepping out and drawing me in the comic.

By the way…I don’t know if he has announce it yet…but for a nominal fee you can appear in one of his comics…Hey…the man has to pay the rent and this is great for fans who want a little more.

Day 20

This is one of my favorites as far as ink work goes. I’m especially happy with the middle frame.

Day 18

Third Eye Blind is a band I like…der.

Day 17

Almost back to where we were. I feel a lost strip coming your way.

Day 16

More comics goodness. I really love the aliens in this series but I wish they were more distinct…cause they are hard as heck to draw…

Day 15

Ahhh yes. This is the comic that confused my buddy over at Commissioned Comic. The International Star Registry exists and has carte blanche over naming stars for a mere 54 bucks for any human on earth. In the future I wonder who will honor ISR and their namings.

Day 14

This was a guest comic I did for O’ from commissioned comic a while back. I like doing a strip every once in a while that involve me being one of the characters. More sketches on the way.

Day 13

CLASSIC B&W SCIFI SATURDAY!! Besides “Tastes Like Chicken” this is my favorite Mission Deep comic. I’m easy for a fart joke.

Day 12

Another great Comics Coast To Coast last night. David Reddick was back from Legend Of Bill. Look for it this next Monday. I have tried several logos…none make me happy…maybe I’ll post some and have a vote…or maybe I won’t.