Day 16

More comics goodness. I really love the aliens in this series but I wish they were more distinct…cause they are hard as heck to draw…

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I love the alien designs too. I want to know what evolutionary factors favored, three eyes, bulbous bellies, and suction cup finger tips. I personally think they should worship BEEFCLOWN as their god.

Question…did the difficulty to draw the aliens influence the direction of this update, the two all black frames specifically, or was that just a “happy” accident?

to answer your question…yes. I thought…hell drawing 3 eyes has to be easier than drawing the whole bodies. hehe.

Actually I was very worried about just drawing the eyes…I didn’t want anybody to think I was slacking…looks like I failed again. 🙂

Hey nothing wrong with a shortcut, especially if its funny. I can’t speak for anyone else but white eyes in the dark is gold Jerry, gold!

I personally love to hear the stories behind design choices. Not the “there’s a happy little tree that lives over here” variety but the “I can’t really draw feet to save my life so I gave all my characters long baggy pants to cover their shoes instead.” Little self created limitations can inspire interesting design choices, and interesting design is much better than perfectly anatomically correct feet any day.

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