Day 17

Almost back to where we were. I feel a lost strip coming your way.

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The “boob” alien is my favorite…even though they all look about the same they have some serious personality differences…I don’t know why Alien 2 puts up with Alien 1. and yes…NERF

Interesting. So at what point in the process did you differentiate their personalities? During your initial character design sketching sort of phase, or when you were writing for them, or somewhere different altogether?

Good question. The original concept behind this series of strips was that I knew someone who bought one of these star names and I thought…hmmm…I wonder if Russia and other space able countries recognize this registry…then I thought…what about 500 years down the line when we are exploring space…then I thought…I wonder what aliens would think about our arrogance of naming their stars with our names…the rest is history…but I really had not planned on the aliens being the center of all of these strips…but they were fun..and I prefer a group of 3 over a group of 2 to bounce comedy off of. You need an antagonist, a victim and an observer…those roles can reverse between the characters even within the same strip…but that is my comedy theory anyways…sometimes the reader is the observer…so I may only have 2…but you are in on the joke.

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