Guest Comic For Commissioned Comic

Recently O from Commissioned Comic asked me and Scott Johnson if we would like to give him a little well deserved rest by filling in with some guest comics. This was mine. If you don’t know, Me, O and Scott are all best of buds and talk at least once a week on Extralife Life Radio and have done so for around 4 years…wow.

I would like to thank O for letting me do this guest comic and kicking my butt back into gear.

Check back next Wednesday for an all new A Mission Deep comic. My current plan is to start back slowly with a once a week comic. If you would like to catch me before then check out the Comics Coast To Coast podcast.

9 replies on “Guest Comic For Commissioned Comic”

Wow. This Brian guy is really out of practice. I don’t think he’s really a web comic artist.

Great comic!!! Best we have seen from Brian in over a year! Wait is it the only comic……. ummmm nevermind! Just kidding it was great.

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