Day 21

This is the 2nd part of my guest comic for Obsidian over at Commissioned Comic. I really enjoyed stepping out and drawing me in the comic.

By the way…I don’t know if he has announce it yet…but for a nominal fee you can appear in one of his comics…Hey…the man has to pay the rent and this is great for fans who want a little more.

7 replies on “Day 21”

Yeah that a pretty good list…and I’m with you…Clockwork Orange does not belong on that list…it belongs in the dropping acid while making this movie list.

We should make our own list and vote on it.

The list was fairly solid, except for Clockwork even making the list, for the same reasons I don’t think Children of Men qualifies. Distopian future setting doesn’t always equal sci fi in my book.

Kind of a scatterbrained comment there, but its the best I can muster at work.

Who allowed Starship Troopers in that list, Starship Troopers but no 5th Element? Otherwise the list has some good Sci-fi in it, though some I’ve never seen.

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