Moving The Site To Comic Press

As the title says. Going to be some changes around here.

No, this is not the final look. Yes, the forums will return.

I will probably move the community to an site.

Yes, there will be a new comic soon. No, you do not look fat in those jeans.

UPDATE: Holy Crap. Had the new site up for a total of 3 hours and already I’m getting porn spam in the comments.

There…I installed Akismet…let’s see if that fixes it.

6 replies on “Moving The Site To Comic Press”

Hey Brian, I took your advice on ELR recently about Reaper being the best show on TV. It isn’t broadcast where I live, so I *ahem* found other methods to acquire it, and it’s awesome! Thanks for switching me on to it.

Awesome Robert, have you caught the season finale for this year yet? pretty durn good. I won’t give it away if you haven’t.

No, I’ve seen — what, five episodes so far? Loving it.

Good to hear you piping up a bit more on this week’s episode, too.

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