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Girlfriend Destroys Trooper

Caution: Potty Mouths

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Remind me not to piss off my wife.. i’m leaving for vegas in a couple of weeks time :]

So did he press charges for property damage when he got back?
Anybody who thinks that smashing a persons property for kicks or even pay back is cool has got serious issues.

If she really thought that breaking the most precious posession of his fiance would teach him anything… She’s an idiot. If it actually worked then he’s a bigger idiot.

Note to self : never leave the little lady alone with your action figure Collection.

Thus with every blow, it was if every geek in the universe cried out in agony then was immediately silenced as the video ended….

Nerd rage is a thing to be feared. Looking at her, I’m sure she knows a good plastic surgeon; she’s gonna need it.

It would be real funny if he came back from Vegas with a real nice engagement ring for her as a surprise.

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