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1. Which actress has starred as a major character and the computer voice in nearly every television series and all the movies? She is also considered the Grand Dame of Star Trek.

a) Grace Lee Whitney
b) Majel Barrett Roddenberry
c) BarBara Luna
d) Denise Crosby

If you know the answer to the above…then do I have a quiz for you. Some were tougher than I thought.

Click It (via Parade Magazine)

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Yup! that would be true! I’m doing good. lurking around a bit here, at O’s place, and on Extralife. Have actually listened to a couple ELR shows live. not much going on. workignweird hours, sleeping wierder hours, and gaming when I can. I still got your number on my phone, by the way. I might need it, someday…

I think this thing crapped out on me and lost count. There were only about 5 or so that I didn’t know because they were from more recent incarnations that I have not watched. I’ve been a Trek fan since 1969 and ran the AOL Star Trek club before it was AOL. I consider myself a Star Trek expert on anything made prior to 1993. I used to be able to recite every line from every original episode, but have retired from being champion of Star Trek. I’m also very critical of newer material because they intend to ignore pre-existing Trek lore.

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