X-Files I Believed

If you haven’t seen the new X-files movie and are a fan of the TV series then get your butt to the theatre.

When I arrived at my local multiplex everybody in line was asking for tickets to see The Mummy or The Dark Knight which got me to thinking…why the crap did they decide to release the X-Files in the middle of the summer against 2 huge summer movies. Wouldn’t a fall release be more inline with the type of season suited for such a movie as X-Files. I do know the movie is low budget compared to Dark Knight and The Mummy.

According to box office numbers the film was made for 30 million and has only racked up $17M so far in it’s 2 week run.

I’m sure DVD sales will eventually recover their production costs…but I wouldn’t count on another X-files movie.

That makes me sad. The movie was very good. Much better than the first. This one stayed closer to the spirit of the series. Get out and see it already.

One reply on “X-Files I Believed”

I’ll definately be checking it out now that its got the Brian seal of approvement.

Yeah, seems like there wasn’t much thought put in to the release date, unless they had some crazy halucination that it may compete with the Dark Knight.

DVD sales will definately make their money back.

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